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January 18, 2018

3 Ways to Style a Basic Piece

Hello Babes,

I’m so excited to share this post with all of you. This post is in collaboration with my work, LA Miller Boutique.

I want to show you three different ways to wear a basic turtle neck top, or any basic long sleeve. Winter is the season of layering, which makes creating looks more fun. LA Miller has so many cute styles, especially their layering pieces. I chose two jackets from our store to style with a basic top I already owned. I also paired one of my jackets with it too, just to show you versatility with basics.

Outfit #1: Teddy Moto Jacket

This jacket is so chic and refined, it not only meets the current trends but it is still can be made unique to your style. I really liked how it paired with my black jeans and bold booties. These cute booties are also available at the store and online.

Outfit #2: Mod Layering Vest

This piece is super versatile, which makes it a fun item to work with. For this post, I paired it with my simple turtle neck but it can be paired with multiple styles. That’s why I like this specific piece from LA, it’s one of those pieces that will add value to your closet. It can also be worn through all seasons; I see this pairing really well with some high-waisted denim come summertime. This piece is available in-store only!

Outfit #3: Teddy Coat

This jacket is not from LA Miller, however, they have similar styles. This jacket has been one of my go-to pieces for going out. It pairs really well with almost any outfit and with these colder months, it’s an easy piece to spice up a basic look. This is another versatile piece that can be paired with multiple pieces already available in your wardrobe. I’ve worn this over graphic tees and party dresses, super cute! I got this from Forever 21 for $13.

If you want to shop more of these styles or check out LA Miller, go to their website. You can also follow them on Instagram.

I love the styles from LA Miller, and not just because I work there. The store provides pieces that are trendy yet refined. I highly recommend visiting the store or shopping online.

Thank you for reading PYM today! I’m happy to be adding fashion elements back into the blog, and if you enjoy them too, let me know.

xo, Lyss

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