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November 3, 2016

Building Your Tribe

Hello Pretty People,

Recently, I have learned that who you surround yourself with influences your happiness and inspiration. My mom always told me “you are who you hang out with” and that could not be more true. I always rolled my eyes when she told me that, but now, I am seeing how true this statement is. The people you surround yourself with influence who you are and who you will become. If you are surrounding yourself with negative and toxic people, you will see your self becoming more negative as well. If you surround yourself with like-minded people who encourage you to be great, you will be more inspired and influenced by these positive vibes.

I have been learning that being myself and being completely forward with people has lead me to some amazing individuals. The people that have come into my life over the past few months have been nothing less than amazing. The people I have come in contact with are inspiring, hard working and driven. I would not want to be around any other people. Today, I am sharing tips with you and how you can build your wonderful tribe. This whole post is inspired by the quote “your vibe attracts your tribe”, and it’s so relevant. How you portray yourself and the energy you exert into the world attracts other individuals who vibe the same way. So, here is the secret:

3 Ways to Build Your Tribe:

1. Surround yourself with positive individuals

The worst thing you can do is surround yourself with toxic people who bring negativity to your life. You have to be very aware of this because sometimes these people are disguised as normal, good-hearted people. Finding individuals who are confident in their own lives and who lead an interesting life, those are the ones you must surround yourself with. The people who are insecure with themselves and unfocused cannot properly contribute to a real friendship. This is why it’s so important you become comfortable with yourself and fall in love with yourself because then you are able to filter through the people who are truly there. Surrounding yourself with positivity only encourages more positivity in your life.

2. Find like-minded people

Joining a club or finding a group that has similar interests to you is another great way to build your tribe. Joining a professional club may connect you to people in your industry and people who think like you. These types of people make conversation much easier and much more enjoyable. These are also the types of people that will follow you to the top. You all have similar goals and aspirations that encourage the others to step up their game. These groups are very inspiring to be involved in. You may also find these connections in a workout class where the people there have common interests and goals. I have met some of my greatest friends through a zumba-styled dance class and they all are so interesting and wonderful.

3. Know yourself

I mentioned this one in the first one, but let me emphasis on it a little more. To build lasting friendships, and inspiring friendships, you must be sure of yourself to some extent. I do not think we are ever fully sure of who we are or where we need to be, but having comfort in your own skin is a great start. To be able to pick “like-minded” people and “positive” people, you must know where you stand on the spectrum. What do you like? Are you positive and happy? Where do you see yourself the most happy? Being able to answer questions like these shows progress toward knowing yourself and building your amazing tribe. Love yourself first, then fall in love with others.

I hope these tips come in handy as you begin to grow yourself or your personal brand. Although this post was not directed toward being a business type of post, these tricks can help you attract the right kind of employers and employees.Your vibe really does influence who comes into your life, from there the choice is yours to decide if they fit into your tribe. Looks are not everything but your image, who you are and what your story is to the world, is everything. Make it inspiring, make it worthy and make it happen. Hustle hard and work toward your dreams everyday, the rest will follow. Don’t worry about making friends, make yourself and they will come.

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Happy Thursday & thanks for reading today!

xo, Lyss


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