Realizing the Beauty of Life

Hello Lovely People,

Today I wanted to write freely on a topic that came to mind yesterday.


Yesterday, I spent the day with my boyfriend hiking the Rosy Mound dune near Lake Michigan. The weather was just perfect for this, we were goofing around on the trail and just enjoying each others company. When we reached this lookout point, we crossed paths with this grandpa and grandson duo. They were also were enjoying the warm Michigan weather (which is rare!). The difference between us and them was the fact that the young boy was blind and his grandpa was guiding him through the trail, up and down the many stairs. As the young boy reached the beach lookout area, where we were resting, he grew with excitement when he heard the waves. They took a seat near us and continued to converse about different things.

The reason I am sharing this is because sometimes we take the simplest things for granted and we complain about so many small things. This young boy who is unable to even see the beauty of the beach was completely excited and positive about the experience. He spoke with so much spirit and he was very curious about many things. His attitude for life made me realize how much some of us take life for granted.

This is not a post to make you feel bad or guilty, it’s to┬ábring attention to the possibilities we have in life. Everyday we face hardships, some greater than others, be sure to prioritize the important things. Some hardships and negative situations aren’t worth your strength and stress. Some of us are more lucky than others and that doesn’t mean we should be guilty, it means we should realize the life we have in front of us and live it fully and passionately.

That little boy doesn’t let his sight stop him from seeing the world and exploring. He is still curious to learn even though he may not be able to see things like we do. The lesson I take from him is to never stop being curious about life, no matter what tries to stand in your way. Whether it’s people, disabilities or your own doubts; never let something stop you from exploring and enjoying this wonderful life.

We all have the chance to create a beautiful life, and everyday you wake up you decide what you are going to do to make your day great or awful. Live with passion and spread positive vibes to everyone you meet.

Thanks for reading my random post but if you have had a similar encounter that has made you thankful for the life you have or made you realize the real beauty in life, please share it in the comments!

Create a life you love.

xo, Lyss


Fall Favorites

Hello Beautiful People,

We are right at the peak of the Fall season and I thought it would be fun to do a little run down of some of my favorite things from this season; such as my fashion faves and my favorite playlist. I find this post to be especially fitting for the weather here in Michigan today, it’s a breezy Fall day & I’m just over here wrapped in a blanket writing this post. So let’s get started:

Favorite Fall Fashion Pieces:

  1. Adidas Originals: These have been my all time favorite casual shoes this season, they match almost any outfit.
  2. TOM Suede Wedges: These are another one of my favorite shoes for the Fall season. They are a great way to spice up any outfit and give it a “Fall” feel.
  3. American Eagle Boyfriend Jeans-This is just my favorite brand of jeans, but a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans are one of my favorite garments for the Fall.
  4. Blanket Scarf: Must I say more? (I did not add a link because you can find these almost anywhere)
  5. Kate Spade Tote: Kate Spade always has the best selection of simple and elegant totes, this is the perfect place to find your Fall hangbag. I received a satchel for my birthday from Kate and I love everything about it.



Favorite Playlist:

These songs have been on constant replay for me the past couple of weeks, and yes, I added some throwbacks in the mix. I love old songs!

Favorite Reads:

  1. Vogue October Issue
  2. Vogue November Issue
  3. Paris Street Style: A Guide to Effortless Chic
  4. Kinfolk Magazine
  5. Pretty Happy-Kate Hudson


These are just a few of the books/magazines I have been reading through this Fall. This is where I find a lot of my inspiration for blog posts, outfits and room decor. I love to draw inspiration from Fashion magazines and incorporate it into my own style. I also subscribed to Vogue this Fall and that was a great decision, I love receiving the new issue every month in the mail.

Other Favorites:

  1. LUSH Cup O’Coffee Face Mask: My love for coffee continues into my beauty products, big fan of this face mask! It not only has little coffee beans in it to exfoliate your skin but the caffeine really wakes up your skin.
  2. The Sparrows Coffee & Newsstand: I enjoy visiting various cafe’s in the Grand Rapids area and this has been one of my favorite finds this Fall. I went one time last year but I have found myself there more this season.
  3. Rimmel London Lipstick: I get the color “Tower of Mauve” (240), this is my first lip color for the Fall. It’s like an amber/brown color.
  4. Becca Highlight & Blush: My best friend got me this as a gift for my birthday & I love it so much. It’s the perfect color combo for Fall, and any occasion really. Shout out to Danielle.
  5. Victoria’s Secret Tease Perfume

Thank you all for reading this short little favorites post! I would love to hear what your favorite things have been this season in the comments below or on social media. Check out Pretty, Young & Motivated on Instagram & Twitter for daily inspiration and updates on posts. Don’t forget to subscribe too! I hope you all have a fantastic Monday and a week filled with greatness, Happy Monday.

New Week, New Goals.

xo, Lyss