“Easy for You to Say, You’re Skinny”

Hello Beautiful Babes,

I’ve heard this line many many times in my life. When I start to get healthy and work out more consistently, people tell me it’s easy for me because I’m skinny. I can see where they are coming from, and I understand their reasoning behind it. But, it’s not easy for me because I’m skinny.

I have been working on my health and fitness over the past few months, which you can probably tell if you’ve been following me.

First off, I am not doing this to lose weight or be “skinny”. I am doing this to feel healthy. When I am strong and my body is healthy I feel more confident and happy.

When people start their fitness journey, they usually begin because they are inspired by something. For some it may be weight lose, for others it may just be to build muscle tone. Everyone starts for different reasons; therefore we cannot judge people’s lifestyle based on their size.

Yes, you’re correct. In today’s society, I am skinny. I won the gene pool lottery…?

Not true! 

My background

My family health history is quite lengthy actually. From diabetes and arthritis to even cancer, I am not “lucky”. Everyone has a choice in life though, and how you treat your body has a big impact on your health and future.

For most of my childhood, I did dance and gymnastics. I was also a very active child; always playing outside, riding my bike and running around with my pets. This background set me up for a healthy body. I also never ate a bunch of candy or drank sugary drinks, I wasn’t raised in that environment. My mom didn’t deprive me of candy, I just never was the kid that drank soda and ate candy on the reg. I loved water! (lame, I know)

I began focusing on my health more over the past few months because I was feeling sick after almost every meal. I couldn’t figure out the problem and why I was feeling this way. Then, I did some research and realized my diet could have a big impact on that. Working out has also helped me keep everything moving smooth through my digestive system. Growing up, I was always active and my body still thrives on that activity to function properly.

The eating habits and lifestyle you are raised with can impact how you take care of yourself now. Not everyone has the same background as me, nor does anyone have the same as you. That’s why you can’t look at someone who is skinny and assume they have it easy. The good news is you can always change your current lifestyle. You are not tied to your habits.

Being skinny doesn’t make building muscle and eating healthy any easier for me. I still have to be conscious about my food choices and listen to my body’s needs.

If you are struggling to find peace with your body and don’t know where to start, do your research. Learn about what works for you and what feels good. Keep a journal about how you feel not only externally but internally. Don’t force a lifestyle, just find one that you can find peace and happiness with. Feel free to contact me as well. I’m not an expert but I have battled with some of my own self-image issues, including body shaming.

Women of all sizes deal with these types of issues, you’re not alone. Skinny, “fat”, large or small; we are all just trying to be the best version of ourselves.

Thank you for reading PYM!

xo, Lyss

Welcome to Pretty, Young & Motivated

Hello Pretty People,

I am so excited to bring you the new and improved Pretty, Young & Motivated, formally Somewhere Between Vogue & Van Gogh. October marks one year since I started this blog, and I thought it was time for a big change. In the past year, I have made a lot of changes in my life and I am in a happier place today. Moreover, I thought revamping my blog was a necessity to better match my tone in life.

In the last year I have made a lot of big, life changing decisions and that has lead me to where I am now. From leaving cheerleading behind to studying abroad, my attitude for life has taken a 180. I have found my place in the blogging world, thanks to my amazing girl friends, and I have learned to love life a little more. I also have been working on self-love and creating my own happiness, and that is part of what has made me find my writing voice else where. I love fashion and I still plan to share my style with all of you from time to time, but I have re-concentrated my content on something a little more fitting to who I want to be and what I want my blog to be known for, which is Pretty, Young & Motivated!

I want Pretty, Young and Motivated to be a place where women can find inspiration, confidence and motivation. I want to encourage women to empower one another and work on lifting each other up, and I hope my new content will constantly provide this message. Another important factor to PYM is self-love; loving yourself is crucial to your health and learning to be confident in yourself will take you so far in your goals. When you become confident, you are able to spread this to other women who may need it. I would also like to add a professional aspect to my content, I want to share my best tips and advice on topics like interview skills, building your resume and networking like a pro. I also plan to bring back the #Girlboss series. All these things have become important to me in the past year and that is what made me change the tone. I want my blog to portray these values through every post.

Let’s dig a little deeper: I have chosen the name Pretty, Young & Motivated for a few reasons and I’ll explain each with you.

Pretty: I want PYM to make all my readers feel beautiful and pretty, I want you to know your worth and learn to love yourself everyday. Pretty represents the self-love and confidence side of PYM.

Young: I want all my readers to remember to be young at heart, we always tend to rush life but do not forget to enjoy what’s right in front of you. Be curious and interested like a child, never stop exploring the world. Young represents my target market of young millennials who are looking for their place in the world.

Motivated: I want my blog to be the place you find your favorite Monday Motivation. I want my readers to be motivated when pursuing their goals; from being motivated in your career to just being motivated to crush a simple goal, I want this message to be clear throughout all my new content. Motivated represents the hard-working and goal-oriented side of PYM.


Together, Pretty, Young & Motivated should portray a very #girlboss vibe. The goal of PYM is to inspire women to be fearlessly authentic and love themselves. I am looking forward to what I am able to do with this new platform. I hope my new content and message will meet the expectations of my readers. Readers should be able to pull something positive from each and every one of my posts, and if not, I am not reaching the goals of my blog. I’ve been so excited to launch this brand new site and I am so happy the day has come. You can expect two posts a week from here on out.

Thank you all for following me in this change and I hope Pretty, Young & Motivated will impress. You can expect some new things, but no worries, some old posts have been carried over.

Cheers to another year.

xo, Lyss