Why Girls Need Self-Love?

Hello Pretty People,

The new year has arrived and that means everyone is creating new intentions + goals. If you read my last post, you know what mine are. On NYE, I realized another concept we all need to adopt in 2018 – GIRLS SUPPORTING GIRLS. Girls need to not only show more self-love in the new year but they need to show more support for one another.

Girls tend to judge other girls quite easily because we are taught by society to compete with each other. Rather than saying “you go girl!”, we sometimes get defensive about good looking women. This also happens with success. When we see a girl doing all the things we dream of, we can easily judge them. This not only feeds the jealousy trait inside us but it makes us more insecure about ourselves. We too often compare ourselves to those around us, rather than just embracing who we are.

If another girl is beautiful, we do not need to get insecure about our own beauty. Another’s beauty or success does not dampen our own. We are all beautiful and successful in our own ways.

What does this have to do with self-love?

Well, when girls are insecure about themselves, they tend to resort to this judgmental attitude. Judging other girls is a defense mechanism that makes us feel better about ourselves. When we feel threatened by other women, we tend to become judgmental towards them. This is an unhealthy habit because it not only creates negative vibes around us, but it also doesn’t allow us to give certain people a chance in our life. This a perfect example of judging a book by it’s cover.

Self-love allows us to become more comfortable and confident in ourselves. Self-love teaches us our strengths and our weaknesses. We know where we shine and where we can use a little more work. We believe in our abilities and we are fearless in the pursuit of our dreams. When we love ourselves, we don’t allow room for negativity and judgment. When we dwell on the beauty or success of another, we only create more room for negativity to thrive.

In my opinion, self-love is the constant practice of becoming your best self. You are confident in who you are, which allows you to spread more positivity and kindness to others. Insecurity and worry creates anxious tendencies, trust me I know. We fear others will outshine us or their light will dull our own. This, however, is not the case.

Falling in love with yourself is the key to falling in love with others. Being confident in who you are allows you to empower others to do the same. Self-love is needed more than ever amongst females. We need to worry less about being good enough for everyone else, and ask ourselves who is good enough for us.

Women have it tough sometimes; we have grown up in a society that teaches us to compete rather than to uplift one another. We’re not born to compete with one another. We need to realize that one girls beauty or success does not impact our own. Actually, empowering other women around us creates less girl hate and more confidence within ourselves.

My Lesson

Before you judge the girls around you, take a step back to realize you do not know their story. Judging someone else only brings negativity into your life and takes up space where good stuff could live. When women support each other and lift each other up, we become more powerful. We start to worry less about competing and more about creating our own life. We need to focus our energy on healing and creating, rather than worrying and judging. Support the women around you and empower them to be great!

In 2018, start practicing and adopting this intention to support the women around you. Understand that their success does not inhibit your own, and you too are beautiful. 2018 is the year of self-love, the year to spread kindness and love to all.

Thank you for reading PYM. Happy New Year to all my lovely readers! I wish you the best in 2018 and I hope you are able to grow in many new ways.

xo, Lyss

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2017 Reflection + 2018 Goals

Hello Beautiful Souls,

The new year is upon us; goodbye 2017, hello 2018!

Just like most, I take the last few days of the year to reflect on the past 365 days and think about what’s to come in the next 365. This past year, my anxiety was worse than it’s ever been. My strength was challenged many times and all in all, I experienced a lot of self-growth. The year was filled with new opportunities, love, adventure and many obstacles (nothing I couldn’t handle). So, let’s reflect on the lessons learned in 2017.

2017 Reflection


First lesson of 2017 is my realization of how self-aware I am. I know who I am, I know my flaws and I’m not changing that for anyone. My self-awareness actually roots from having anxiety. Being anxious and overthinking all aspects of my life has allowed me to become a very self-aware person. I know what my weaknesses are, I know my authentic self and I know what triggers my anxious habits. Although anxiety is often a stressor is my life, there is some beauty to it. Being self-aware not only helps me with coping and conflict-resolution, but it also helps me read other people really well. This is one of my favorite lessons from the year!

Healthy Living:

Another major lesson from the past year is learning what it actually means to be “healthy”. I’ve been an athlete my whole life and I always thought I had a grasp on what it means to be healthy. This year, however, I learned that healthy is more than hitting the gym and eating a salad. Eating clean and fresh foods is super important not only to you physical health but also your mental health. It can also impact your skin.

I also learned that every body is different; heavy weight lifting may be the perfect regimen for some whereas pilates/toning may be perfect for others. Learning to mix up your workouts and try different things helped me understand my body and how it responds. Don’t be afraid to try something new!


This year I had to really learn to forgive and forget. Life is short and holding on to BS that only weighs you down is unnecessary. Getting hurt by people you love and trust the most can be hard but if you hold onto these negative energies it will only make you spiral out of control. Being an anxious person, I tend to overthink these situations way too much. Months after someone has hurt me or angered me, I can still question myself and say “why?”. When really, there is no answer and I need to move on. Forgive & forget. You have to learn what battles are important and which ones are not.

Sometimes we must allow those around us to make their own mistakes in order to learn who they are. Even if we get hurt, everyone is on their own journey and we must understand our growing periods are all different. Learn when to forgive people and let them go or when to forgive them and allow them a second chance. Not everyone deserves a second chance but some people are still learning.

Life is just life:

My last lesson/reflection of 2017 is that life is just life, and what I mean by that is life isn’t so serious. Yes, set goals and work hard towards them. Take things serious if it is important to you or your goals, but don’t forget that it’s just life. Truth is, no one knows what the hell they are doing. We are all just following this societal standard, or maybe our own standards, but we’re all just trying to figure it out. Don’t take things so serious! Just focus on the things that make you happy and do that, everyday.

Contrary to typical new year goals, I wanted to share concepts/habits I want to work on in the new year. Yes, I will set some smaller goals periodically throughout the year to pinpoint some of these concepts, but this is my general direction for 2018.

2018 Goals

More Self-Love: 

By self-love, I mean I want to work on being more confident in myself and knowing my own worth. As I begin to enter a really crucial period of my life, I need to start believing in myself 110% because if I can’t take myself seriously, why should anyone else? I have mentioned in previous posts that self-love is more than confidence or just knowing your worth, it’s also about self-help. During 2016, I became very confident in myself but over the duration of 2017, I found that I lost some of this badass “B” vibe because of my anxiety. I let little things bother me and I started to doubt myself. That’s why self-love is one of my first goals for 2018. This year will be about becoming the badass girl I know I am and not letting anyone knock that.

Be Happy + Healthy:

I already worked toward this one in 2017, but I experienced some low points in the last half of the year, which caused some setbacks. Therefore, I want to make my health and wellness a big focus for 2018. As I learned in 2017, healthy eating and physical activity not only improves mood and energy, but it helps my overall health. This is super important for all aspects of my life, so it’s time to kick it into high gear. 2018 will be the year of my best self!

Build a relationship with my anxiety:

My last goal for the new year is to work on building a relationship with my anxiety. Anxiety is something I have struggled with most of my life, but this past year has been the worst for me. Instead of letting it define me though, I want to work alongside it. I learned through my yoga and meditation practice that anxiety is not something you “get rid of”, it’s always going to be there. When you try to get rid of it, it can actually cause more stress and anxiety. The best way to win the anxiety battle is by learning to live with it. That’s why I started yoga and meditation. The breathing techniques learned in the practice help me cope with my anxiety.

This is my first step toward building this healthy relationship with it and I hope to continue working on it in the new year. I will not let the negative side of anxiety to win.

Although I love taking any opportunity to set new goals and refocus my energy on the things that matter, you should start your new year resolutions now. There is no better time than now! I know people knock on the concept of setting goals and “new year, new you” but if that’s what motivates you to start crushing your goals, so be it. Don’t let the thoughts of others hold you back.

Thank you for checking out my year in review and my goals for the new year. Feel free to share yours in the comments below! I hope the end of 2017 is amazing and I wish you the best in 2018. Happy New Year, beautiful human!

xo, Lyss

6 Ways to Supercharge Your Morning Routine

Hello Beautiful Souls,

There is nothing I love more than a great start to my morning; those mornings when you can just jump out of bed and seize the day. The problem is those do not happen everyday, and I’m sure you know what I mean. Wouldn’t it be great if every morning was like that though? Well, I may have the tips and tricks for you to supercharge your morning routine.

As we move into a new routine for the new year or new semester, our morning rituals may be impacted from our holiday breaks. Starting the morning off on the right foot effects how the rest of your day will go. We all know what happens when we wake up and something negative happens, right? The day seems to tumble down from there. That is why I am sharing my favorite morning rituals with you. Starting everyday with a fresh and positive outlook sets the whole day up for greatness.

6 Ways to Supercharge Your Morning:

Get enough sleep: As much as we would all love getting a solid 8 hours, it is not always possible with a busy schedule. Although you may lead a busy life, sleep is important to being able to continue daily activities adequately. Try to get at least 7 hours a night. Getting enough sleep is not only important to your mental health, but it is also important to your physical health.

Drink tea: Starting your day with some tea is great for many reasons; first, you get a head start on your water requirements for the day. You may also choose to drink a caffeinated tea that will boost your energy. Tea’s are really good for you too! Tea is natural and it is better than a sugary latte (which I still love). When I wake up and start checking my emails and schedule for the day, I like to drink some tea.

Wash your face (& moisturize): Washing your face is key to keeping beautiful and healthy looking skin, it will also make your skin feel refreshed each morning. Moisturizing is super important during the cold winter months, the wind can be brutal and you want to protect that gorgeous skin of yours.

Eat breakfast: The most important meal of the day, right? It really is! Eating breakfast in the morning, even if it is small, will energize you for the rest of the morning. I use to skip breakfast and instead have a cup of coffee. Now that I have began to eat breakfast, I feel more energy throughout my morning.

Check the biggest thing off your to-do list: Start your list of to do’s early, and start with the biggest task on the list. Once you finish the biggest task, you will be able accomplish the smaller tasks much quicker. My days are most productive when I am able to start early and check important things of my list.

Listen to a powerful playlist: When I am getting ready in the morning I love to throw on my favorite playlist to get my energy flowing. I have different playlists for different moods. When I am working on homework or work stuff, I may listen to a more mellow playlist. In the morning, I like to listen to either a dance/pop music playlist or an alternative playlist (Coldplay, American Authors, etc.).

Each morning you wake up you have a choice on how the day will go, and that decision is up to you. It starts when the alarm sounds, are you going to keep snoozing or wake up and attack the day? Your life is your choice, what you do is up to you. Your mindset for the day starts as soon as you wake up. If you tell yourself the day is going to suck, it will. If you tell yourself it is going to be a great day, then that’s what it can be. The choice is yours!

Thank you for reading today beautiful souls! I hope this post can offer you some motivation or inspiration to add to your morning routine. This semester is looking quite crazy for me but fear not, I will continue to work on bring my readers the best content. Don’t forget to subscribe to PYM if you enjoy reading every post and check us out on social media. Thank you again for reading.

Choose to be the best version of yourself today.

xo, Lyss

Top 3 Lessons I Learned This Year

Hello Cuties,

I cannot believe there is only three days left in 2016, nor can I believe it is almost 2017. 2016 has been a year of many changes for the world. After many life changing events, I think the world is ready for 2016 to be over. 2016 has been a year of many changes for me as well. This past year, I did some traveling and discovered so many new things about myself. As another year comes to a close, I thought it would be fitting to compile some of my favorite lessons I learned in 2016. Everyday life challenges us to a new task, and whether we can accomplish it or not, we can always take a lesson from the challenge.

This year I learned so much, but, I am only going to share my top three lessons with you. These are the ones that have impacted me the most. Learning these lessons has changed my perspective on life and they have made me happier. My 2016, like everyone else’s, seemed to be a little crazy. It was a roller coaster of highs and lows, but here is what I learned.

3 lessons I learned in 2016:

It’s okay to end relationships that no longer impact you in a positive way: The word relationships can be used beyond love interest or significant others. Relationships can include friendships or a long-time commitments to a sport or activity. At the very end of 2015, and throughout 2016, I had to edit my life continuously. I realized there were so many things that no longer suited my life. You have to be able to step back and look at your life; you have to look at the things that are positively impacting you, keep those and anything else can be removed. Your life is precious, don’t waste time on people or things that do not make you happy or impact you positively.

Live outside of your comfort zone: This past summer, I lived abroad for 6 weeks and I was constantly forced to live outside of my comfort zone. Although it was scary from time to time, I never felt more alive than I did in those moments. Living outside of your comfort zone can be uncomfortable, and this is why many people avoid it. But, when you push your limits and experience things beyond your normal routine, it truly makes you feel alive. Say yes to new adventures! When I was in France for that 6 weeks, I tried to say yes to almost everything that was presented to me, and this action made the trip amazing. I learned to live life outside of my comfort zone and push my limits on a daily basis.

Love yourself: Most important lesson learned is to love yourself. Love yourself fiercely! You are the only you, you have. You have to embrace what you are, and once you realize other peoples thoughts don’t matter, you will be free. Loving yourself often gets confused with conceited, but loving yourself is confidence.  Being conceited means you only care about yourself, and being confident means you embrace who you are and you won’t change for others. Be confident! You have to learn two lessons within this one lesson; one of them being the fact that people will judge you no matter what, even if you change for one person, someone else will still judge you. You’re better off just being you, it’s way less stress. The other lesson is, once you learn to respect and love yourself, everyone else will follow. If not, refer to lesson number 1.

Everyday we learn a new lesson, whether it is big or small, we can take something from everyday. Looking back on this year, I see it as a year of growth for me. Think about what 2016 means to you, what did you learn? Whatever that may be, take those lessons and use them to create your goals for 2017. In 2017, I plan to continue pushing the walls of my comfort zone and loving myself. How are you going to use your personal lessons to grow in 2017?

No one in this world really knows what they’re doing, we all just pretend we have it all figured out. Although we may be walking around aimlessly, lessons are what guide us toward the life we want. So, whether you know what you’re doing or not, lessons like these are your guide to becoming who you want to be. From day one we are all the same, but as we age, lessons and life experiences are what set us apart. They make us unique. No one will learn the lessons you learned the same way you did. This makes every human interesting and unique.

Thank you for reading PYM today! Next time I post it will be 2017, therefore, I wish all my readers a happy and cheerful New Years. I hope your resolutions are in line and your party dress has more sequins than a pageant girl. if you want more than 3 lessons from me, you can check out my 20 lessons learned post here. Feel free to share this post on social media. Thank you again for reading!

Cheers to 2017!

xo, Lyss

3 Ways to Crush Your New Years Resolutions

Hello Pretty People,

The New Year is upon us, and I cannot believe that it is already almost 2017. This post’s title may have been unappealing at first and maybe you rolled your eyes at the word “resolutions.” But, fear not! I am not really a fan of the whole “New Years Resolutions” either. Let’s use the word goals instead. I am constantly setting goals for myself because life is always changing and you must adjust accordingly.

The New Year is a perfect time to set new goals for yourself because the end of a year usually comes with a lot of changes. Since I am currently a student, the end of the year is the end of a semester and the new year means new endeavors. This also means new goals! You may also just be getting into a rut at this point of the year and maybe setting fresh goals will motivate you to get back to slaying. Whatever your situation may be, it is never a bad idea to set some goals and work on yourself.

The idea of resolutions has been poisoned because people set unattainable goals for themselves, they are more likely to fail. This is discouraging. Your goals must be in reach and they must be something that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning and work hard. If you absolutely hate the gym, why are you setting a goal to go to the gym 3 times a week? These types of goals are setting you up for failure. They must spark the fire inside you.

Here is how you can set attainable goals for the New Year & crush them:

  1. They must motivate you: The goals you set must set your soul on fire, which I mentioned above. These goals should make you jump out of bed in the morning with a driven attitude to accomplish them. I am highly motivated by my goals, and this is what keeps me going. If you are unmotivated by your goals, then you will not be inclined to reach them. It will feel more like a chore than an accomplishment. Tip: Your goals should align with your passions, you should make small goals that are going to put you a step closer to your grand plan. If you follow your passions, you will be able to accomplish your goals more easily.
  2. Visualization: The next important key to accomplishing the goals you set is to overload your environment with these goals. My personal favorite way to display my goals is to create a vision board, this really helps keep me focused on what I am trying to accomplish. I also like to keep little post-it notes in my agenda and in my work space; all these things really help me continuously visualize my goals and where I want to be. Tip: Create a vision board, or something similar, to focus your goals and keep yourself on track.
  3. Make relevant & reachable goals: This might seem like an obvious one, but just like the gym example, people tend to set unobtainable goals. You want to evaluate where you are at in life and set goals that are relevant to where you are. You can’t set a goal to save $1,000 if you don’t have any money flowing in, so maybe set a goal to get a job or find a way to make money, then set the goal to save. You must start small and work your way toward these goals. Goals are a process, not an all of a sudden action. They take time. Tip: Write down where you want to be in 5 years then write down how you can work toward this five year plan this year. Think big, but start small. The ultimate goal will motivate you but it might take a bunch of small goals to get there.

Setting goals can be lots of fun, in my opinion. They are like little life challenges that you set for yourself and then you get to watch yourself accomplish them. My goals motivate me everyday. I have a big, crazy dream that many people give me a crooked grin when I talk about them. These goals are what keep me going, whether I accomplish every single one isn’t the point of setting them, necessarily. It’s the point that they motivate me to live life to the fullest and work toward something important to me. If I accomplish them, that’s great and fulfilling. If I don’t, then I at least tried to do something that I was passionate about.

This year set goals that inspire you and motivate you to be the best version of yourself. Set goals that make you proud of yourself. Set goals & then crush them. There is nothing wrong with having New Years resolutions, but there is something wrong with setting unattainable goals that you cannot accomplish at this point of your life.

To help you set goals and stick to them, I created a free downloadable worksheet that will help you focus your goals and write them out.

Free Goal Tracker, click here>>>NewYearNewGoals

Thank you all for reading today! Be sure to print out the attached worksheet and set your goals for before the New Year. Don’t be afraid to make some resolutions, just use these tips to stick to them. I love setting goals for myself, and you should too! Don’t be discouraged by others failed resolutions, just set your own goals and work hard at them everyday. You will see results. I am planning new things for PYM all the time and you don’t want to miss out, so subscribe now. I look forward to sharing many more posts with all of you and if you have any requests, please let me know in the comments.

Cheers to a New Year, darling.

xo, Lyss