How to Throw Kindness like Confetti

Hello Pretty People:

As I was thinking about what to write next for you guys, I was thinking about the topic of paying it forward and being kind to one another. This topic isn’t unfamiliar on PYM and I don’t expect to change that. In the wake of the recent events in Manchester, I think a post on kindness is needed more than ever. As hate continues to spread through our world, we must push back with more kindness and positivity.

A sad reality of terrorism is that there is no real way to stop attacks because they come unexpectedly. That’s probably the point but we must combat these acts of evil with acts of kindness. As I mentioned, promoting kindness and positivity is not a new concept on my blog but it is time to take it to the next level. I think life is just easier when you are kind to everyone and you are positive about every situation.

So, I decided to share five easy ways to be kind on a daily basis.

5 Ways to be Kind

Compliment (not just appearance):

It’s easy to compliment someone’s appearance, but it’s more meaningful to compliment their character or something they have chosen to be. Rather than commenting on appearance, something they don’t necessarily have control of, compliment their style or their personality. Examples could be “you’re so thoughtful” or “it’s really nice to see you today”. These are slightly different compliments that can really change someone’s day.

Buy someone’s coffee:

As a college student my budget doesn’t always account for this one; but when you are able to, it’s an easy way to brighten someone’s day. It’s always a surprise when someone does this for me, and it usually encourages me to pass on the good vibes to others.

Tell people you are thankful for them:

A lesson we can take from tragic events like the other night is life is too short. It’s hard to grasp that concept that everyday is not promised. On the days you do think of how precious life is, remember to thank those who are close to you. Tell people you are thankful for them. Even if you are at work and someone helps you complete a task, let them know how grateful you are to work with them. It’s nice to know you are wanted and your efforts are noticed.

Share your favorite positive quote:

I love finding positive quotes on Pinterest and sharing them with my friends and family. I love the inspirational and motivational power that a quote can have. It’s always nice when friends share quotes with me too because I feel like they always come at the best times. It’s hard to constantly motivate and inspire yourself. This is why it feels good to have that support from friends and family.

Say “I love you”:

In life, we are constantly searching for love and acceptance from others, whether we would like to admit it or not. It is what we were rewarded with as kids and as we grow up we continue to seek that love. Don’t pass up a chance to say “I love you” to the people who may need to hear it. Everyday we all struggle to be the best person we can be in hopes we will be recognized by the ones we love. Don’t miss your chance to share the love and let someone know how special they are to you. Don’t be so afraid of love.

These are just some of my favorite ways to spread a little kindness to the people around me. Being kind isn’t too hard, and when you are kind to others they tend to keep the kindness ball rolling.

Although there may be hate in our world, I challenge you to fight it with kindness. I challenge you to implement one of these things above and see how many people’s days you can brighten by doing so.

Throw kindness like confetti.

xo, Lyss

*My heart goes out to those impacted by the Manchester attack. I understand the tragedy of this event and I would never wish it upon my worst enemy.


Realizing the Beauty of Life

Hello Lovely People,

Today I wanted to write freely on a topic that came to mind yesterday.


Yesterday, I spent the day with my boyfriend hiking the Rosy Mound dune near Lake Michigan. The weather was just perfect for this, we were goofing around on the trail and just enjoying each others company. When we reached this lookout point, we crossed paths with this grandpa and grandson duo. They were also were enjoying the warm Michigan weather (which is rare!). The difference between us and them was the fact that the young boy was blind and his grandpa was guiding him through the trail, up and down the many stairs. As the young boy reached the beach lookout area, where we were resting, he grew with excitement when he heard the waves. They took a seat near us and continued to converse about different things.

The reason I am sharing this is because sometimes we take the simplest things for granted and we complain about so many small things. This young boy who is unable to even see the beauty of the beach was completely excited and positive about the experience. He spoke with so much spirit and he was very curious about many things. His attitude for life made me realize how much some of us take life for granted.

This is not a post to make you feel bad or guilty, it’s to bring attention to the possibilities we have in life. Everyday we face hardships, some greater than others, be sure to prioritize the important things. Some hardships and negative situations aren’t worth your strength and stress. Some of us are more lucky than others and that doesn’t mean we should be guilty, it means we should realize the life we have in front of us and live it fully and passionately.

That little boy doesn’t let his sight stop him from seeing the world and exploring. He is still curious to learn even though he may not be able to see things like we do. The lesson I take from him is to never stop being curious about life, no matter what tries to stand in your way. Whether it’s people, disabilities or your own doubts; never let something stop you from exploring and enjoying this wonderful life.

We all have the chance to create a beautiful life, and everyday you wake up you decide what you are going to do to make your day great or awful. Live with passion and spread positive vibes to everyone you meet.

Thanks for reading my random post but if you have had a similar encounter that has made you thankful for the life you have or made you realize the real beauty in life, please share it in the comments!

Create a life you love.

xo, Lyss


How to Get Motivated to Workout

Hello Babes,

Over the past few months, I have had little to no motivation to workout since my schedule was so busy. I think this low motivation mindset is very easy to fall into when life picks up and we get distracted from ourselves. I know how much of a struggle it can be to dig deep and find the urge to workout. What’s the point, right?

Well, over the past two weeks I have finally been getting back into the swing of things and I am feeling 110% better. I feel like my mood has been elevated, I am able to relieve my daily stress and my digestion has been better too. Obviously it’s only been a week, so there are no major changes yet but I already notice the difference in the way my body feels.

My 4 tips for finding motivation to workout

Find a workout that works: When you are beginning to workout again it can be hard to find which workouts work for your body. The best way to learn is by trying many different types of workouts. I was a cheerleader for almost 9 years, and after quitting, it took me some time to figure out what worked for me. I have found that variations within my workout really worked for me, things like resistance training has been the most beneficial for me. When I am using my own body in a workout rather than machines, I feel more accomplished in my workouts.

Start small: It’s hard to just jump right into intense workouts, so start small and then work your way up. Starting small can refer back to the first tip, which is finding what works for you. Do your research and learn what would work best for your body and lifestyle.

Find inspiration: When you are stuck in a rut and do not want to workout, it’s best to find a reason to start again. Whether this is finding a role model that inspires you and motivates you or if it’s simply finding a valid reason to just do it. For me, I was inspired by Sarah’s Day on YouTube because she talked about her personal issues prior to getting healthy and fit, things such as acne and digestion, which related to the problems I was having. This made me think maybe adding a workout into my daily schedule may help.

Do it for yourself: If you cannot find a good enough reason to start, then just do it for yourself. Working out for even 15 minutes a day will boost your mood and improve digestion. It can also help you get better sleep. No matter what, adding a little sweat to your day can improve so much. Get inspired and get motivated!

These are just a few things that have motivated me to jump back into working out. So far, I am feeling amazing and I’m so glad I found motivation to start again. I just started my own fitness journey, so I understand the struggle of starting again. As long as you find a purpose for it in your life, you will succeed. Never push yourself to workout if it does not feel right or you’re doing it just to please others. You must workout for yourself or you will never be pleased with the results.

I’m so happy that you decided to stop by PYM and read this post today. I hope it can help you find that fire from within to start doing what’s best for your body. If you want specific posts from me, feel free to suggest in the comments or via email. I would love to chat with you and hear your thoughts.

Find your motivation!

xo, Lyss



No Rain, No Flowers

Hello Beautiful Souls,

The title of today’s post is a quote that I came across the other day, very simply put, “no rain, no flowers”. Although this quote is short and sweet, I think it has a massive meaning. Thinking about it in terms of life, you realize without the bad days you cannot grow. Just like flowers, we need rainy days to grow. Rainy days can be rough, they are gloomy and long. But, once the storm passes and the clouds part, flowers bloom and the sun shines.

In life, we have long, bad days that drag us down and put us in a mood. We also have great days, where positive vibes fill our environment and life is just beautiful. That’s life, a battle of good days and bad days. The key to conquering these ups and downs is staying positive and optimistic, even through the bad days. When you are constantly positive, it becomes routine and it is harder to fall into a negative mood. You must take the bad days and figure out how to grow from them.

This past week I came across a very inspiring YouTuber, Sarah’s Day, who is very into health and fitness. She has inspired me to get back to focusing on what I am putting into my body and gaining my strength back. Since I have retired from cheer, I have noticed a decrease in my muscle tone. This past week I began working out again and really listening to what my body wants. I have been feeling more energized and happier this week.

Getting back into working out is a perfect example of “no rain, no flowers”. Without a challenge, you won’t see results. When you begin working out, you may not see any change right away but when you stay positive and stick to it, you will notice the changes. The journey to becoming fit and healthy is never simple, but once you begin to notice results, you feel better and you feel inspired to continue.

This process is life. Some days you will face challenges and you won’t feel 100%, other days you will feel on top of the world and completely happy. Once you learn to ride the roller coaster of life, it becomes a little easier to stay positive. So, always remember without rain, there are no flowers. Enjoy what life hands you and fall in love of the process of becoming your best self.

Thank you all for reading today’s post. I hope you have a grace filled week and I am planning a post for Thursday, so stay tuned for that.

xo, Lyss


12 Reasons to be Happy Right Now

Hello Pretty People,

I apologize for not posting yesterday, I was feeling uninspired this past weekend and I had no idea what to share with you beautiful people. It hit me this morning though, why should you (& me) be happy right now. I figured I would take this time of the year to list out some reasons to be happy. I think there are many reasons to be happy, but sometimes we get caught up in the routine of life and forget to stop and smell the roses (a.k.a be happy!).

It’s funny because this is the time of the year that people are setting goals and beginning new things, so why does it feel so depressing?! Well, I’m not sure if I know the exact answer to that question but it could be the fact that people set too high of expectations for themselves. This is the time of the year we should be excited about what’s to come and all the goals we have just set for ourselves. Since that is not the case though, I thought this post could be a helpful reminder as to why you should be overly excited and happy everyday.

Reasons to be happy right now:

You’re alive

You are still breathing, which means you still have the chance to make your life into something. You have the opportunity to live life beautifully. There are so many people that are alive, but do not choose to live. Be the one who lives!

There are people that need you

Sometimes you might feel alone, and maybe like no one needs you, but there is someone out there who depends on you. You don’t always see these people because they may be watching your from the shadows, maybe you inspire them or motivate them to be better. Just because they aren’t telling you face to face, doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

You are loved

You have people all around you that love you; family, friends and even coworkers. Once again, this may not be vocalized daily but you are loved by many.

Happy people are more productive

Why would you ever waste time dwelling on the negative? Well, we all do it and it inhibits our productivity. When you are happy, you tend to be more productive. Your mood is up, and therefore, you are motivated to be more productive. Negativity and depression causes us to be setback and move more slowly.

You’re strong

you may not believe me, but look how far you’ve come! I know you must of jumped through rings of fire to be where you are today. Your journey may not look like someone else’s, but that doesn’t make you any less than them. You are a warrior.

Everything can change

If you are unhappy in your current situation, be optimistic because things can change at any moment. Some things take time, you just have to be patient. You are not going to be in this spot forever!

It boosts your mood

Being happy is a lot easier, and less depressing, than being negative. Of course you will have a better mood if you are walking around smiling and being positive in all situations.

When you are focusing on the good, you attract more good things

Law of attraction, my friend. When you are positive and optimistic, you will attract more positive vibes. This is one you will notice too! You will see the people you choose to surround yourself with start to change, and your mindset will adjust to be positive more naturally. When you focus on the negative, you are just feeding that negative energy and allowing it to grow.

Today could be the best day

You never know what a day could hold for you, never be pessimistic about what’s to come. Never underestimate what today my bring. There is so much opportunity for a great day, just wait.

You live in a beautiful world

This world is so beautiful; there are so many things to explore, near and far. You are lucky to live in such an amazing world. Sometimes it’s easy to forget what’s around us, but here is your reminder that the universe is beautiful. Now that’s something to be happy about!

You have the power to make someone’s day

Here you are, a happy person, with a giant smile on your face. Why not spread that happiness to others. You have the power to improve someones day, so why not take the chance! Just throw a stranger a compliment or send your best friend a positive quote. It’s simple!

You are in control of your life

Lastly, you have control of how your life will go; take advantage of your power and choose happiness. Each day you wake up, make the decision to be positive and optimistic. Everyday is a fresh start to be happy and leave your mark on the world. Do not forget to fall in love with the little things and appreciate the world around you. Whenever you forget why you should be happy, you can always check back to this list or create your own. Now is the time to take control of your happiness.


It’s easy to forget some of the reasons we should be happy, and it’s also easy to get into that mid winter slump. I know I have been struggling with the winter blues this month and my mood has definitely taken a plunge. Writing this post reminded me of the reasons I should be happy. As I mention in the beginning of this post, I was running low on inspiration for today’s post and when this popped in my head this morning, I knew I had to pursue it.

Thank you all for reading this post today! I want this post be a reference for you, and inspire you to be happy. As my readers, I like to be up front with you because I want you to know I am human. I have the same struggles that you do. Please share this post and feel free to create your own list of reasons to be happy. This will allow you to look back on the rough days and be inspired by the good days. Thank you again for reading.

May you have a grace-filled week!

xo, Lyss