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February 22, 2018

I Decide My Vibe.

Hello Babes,

Yesterday, I was feeling a little bit anxious. Actually a lot of bit anxious. Let’s be real here!

I feel like lots of things have been going amazing in my life, which is great. However, there will always be things there to pull you down. I mean that’s just life, ya know?

So, although things have been going amazing for me, I have had some stressful stuff going on behind the scenes. I don’t like conflict because that is one of my anxiety triggers, I do all I can to keep the peace, even if that means blaming myself. Lately, I’ve had some conflict arise in my life and it’s making me stressed and anxious. Read more

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November 30, 2017

Are You Busy or Productive?

Hello Happy Souls,

As the end of the semester nears, I can’t help but feel a little pressure and stress. Deadlines are approaching and time is ticking. For some, graduation is only a few weeks away. Although these times are very exciting, they can be very exhausting as well. I’ve noticed myself feeling mentally exhausted, and sometimes physically fatigued as well.

I’m learning that some of this exhaustion comes from my anxiety and thinking way too much. But, I’m also seeing that I feel overwhelmingly “busy”. I cannot seem to balance things, why is it so tough?

Well, there is a difference between being busy and being productive. There are many times when we become stressed out because we are overwhelmed with things. Some things that should not stress us out. Things that are not benefiting us or adding value to our lives. Things that are stressful and annoying to us. This is being busy. Busy is unhealthy.

Being productive means you move with intention. Each of your actions throughout the day are intentional. You are mindful of what you are doing and you are present in the moment. Plan your day but allow yourself to go with the flow. You are able accomplish big and small tasks. This is productive.

Can you think of where this relates in your own life? Ask yourself, are you busy or productive?

I know that I have been way more busy than productive lately. It has killed my creativity, slowed my motivation and spiked my anxiety. Being productive makes your day feel more accomplished and valuable.

I’ve started to attend a yoga class to help lower my stress and combat my anxious feelings. During one of the classes, the instructor said something that really resonated with me. She was talking about how so many people say they do not partake in yoga because they don’t have the time. This made me recall all the times I have said I don’t have time for things like exercise, yoga or meditation. Then, she said that after they started the practice (yoga), they found they were actually wasting a lot of their time watching Netflix or being on social media.

This made me step back from what I was doing with my life to evaluate what things that are heavy and wasting my time versus what things are adding value to my life and bringing me joy. I quickly realized that I do not have time for things that bring me stress. Of course there will always be day-to-day, unavoidable life stressors, but any extra stress must be removed.

For me, personally, stress only negatively impacts my health and mental state. It makes me very overwhelmed; therefore, I must do things that are meaningful and intentional or I become busy.

Once again, there are going to be stresses in life we cannot stop from happening, however, removing the ones we can control only creates more room for positivity. This is my point. You can choose to be busy with tasks that stress you out or you can choose to be productive with tasks that motivate you.

My Challenge for You:

If you are reading this post today, I challenge you to make a list of you daily activities. Anything from Netflix bingeing to reading a book. Then, examine what items on your list may be bringing negative stress in to your life.

  • Can you remove something?
  • Is there something you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t had the “time”?
  • Are you motivated to finish your current to-do list?
  • Are you making time for yourself?

These are just a few of the things I have asked myself lately. These questions have made me understand my current situation and where I need some auditing in my routine. I’ve been wanting to start yoga and meditation for over 3 years now, and now I’ve finally started. I dropped the BS and figured out what was needed in my life.

Challenge yourself to start something new, and do it for yourself. Try something that scares you! It’s okay to let go of anything that no longer suits you. Remove negative stress and add more positive stuff. Understand that this is your life and it’s yours to make. Tomorrow is not promised, so why live in the future. I am learning that living in a future mindset creates anxiety and stress. Enjoy the present moments of your life. Start making decisions for yourself and start doing the things you want.

I hope you can realize some of your own stressors after reading this post and begin thinking about where you could make changes. Thank you for reading PYM. Stay on the look out for the December newsletter coming out next week. If you want to subscribe, you can do so on the right of this page.

xo, Lyss

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December 22, 2016

Inspirational Quotes for After Finals

Hello Sunshine,

This one is for my fellow college students who just received their final grades for the fall semester. I am here to tell you that you are more than your grades and one exam does not define you. It’s easy to get caught up in the importance of an education, and don’t get me wrong it is important, but you have to go easy on yourself sometimes. College is not for everyone but if you have a passion for something that requires a degree, it is beneficial to you. College teaches you a lot, and even if you find yourself getting lost, it’s not the end of the world.

Sometimes there are useless classes that you must take in college, but I think the experience of college as a whole, teaches you a lot. You have to look beyond the grades and look at the actual lessons you are learning. Freshmen year of college I finished with a 3.4 GPA and took a few “dumb” general education courses. Beyond my grades though, I was thrown into being an adult. I was on collegiate cheerleading team and I lived with a stranger. I had to learn lessons beyond the classroom that I would not have learned without taking the leap to attend college. Each year I am faced with new tasks that challenge me and educated me on this game of life.

So, if you are coming out this semester not where you want to be grade wise, that’s okay. You have another semester to make up for it and everything will be okay. You have to tell yourself this sometimes, everything has worked this far. Today I thought I would share some inspirational quotes to keep your spirits high for the holiday.

Inspiration for after finals:

It’s okay: First thing I have to tell you is “it’s okay”, whatever happened last semester is in the past and now you are here. It’s okay! You can move forward now and continue to do great things. Once again, your grades do not define who you are.

You’re not alone: Next important thing is you’re not alone. Millions of college students just finished finals and they  may have also received a crappy grade, but hey they’re still pushing through. You are not alone in this world, even though it may feel like it from time to time.

It’s not what happens, it’s how you handle it: This semester might have been the worst or maybe it was the best, either way, how you handle it will impact your mood. So, if you didn’t do so hot, you’re better off just accepting the circumstances and moving forward with an optimistic attitude. Otherwise, you will just stress yourself out and next semester will not be any better if you start with a poor mindset.

You’re doing alright, champ: Well, I’m here to tell you that you are doing alright. Look at yourself, you are a beautiful human being who is attending college to further educate yourself. You probably are working on top of school or maybe you are super involved with a club on campus; either way, that is a lot of time management. Your final grades may not have been what you wanted but hey you’re human, don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re doing great!

Some things are not important: Don’t sweat the small things. You just have to keep moving forward and keep growing into the person you want to be. Don’t let the little hiccups impact your whole journey.

Give yourself some credit, you’ve come pretty far: enough said!

Don’t look back: Lastly, don’t look back on this semester. It’s over and you have a new opportunity to accomplish something amazing. Don’t waste this new opportunity worrying about a missed opportunity. You must live for the now!

I hope these quotes were able to help you overcome that after finals stress and worry. Just know you are so smart and you are still growing. Believe in the fact that things will turn out even when it seems like they won’t. You’ve made it through every bad day so far, just keep swimming. A new year means a new semester to accomplish great things. You’ve got this! Relax over this break and prepare to crush it next semester.

Thank you for reading this post today! Make sure you stick around and check out some of my holiday inspired posts to get you in the Christmas spirit. I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, and safe travels too! Share this post with all your fellow college friends who may be feeling a little down after a long semester. Thanks again for reading!

Happy Thursday.

xo, Lyss